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According to Imam Zarkasy in his book at Tarbiyah, education is a process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge and preparing student’s physical, mental, moral and intellectual for mature life. It could not be denied that education is very important, no one people can live in this world properly without education it support all humankind at critical time in their physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth. Education also provides students life skills that will enable them to prosper later in life. It equips them with skills maintain a healthy productive existence, to grow into resourceful and socially active adults and to make cultural and political contribution to their communities.


Achieving universal primary education is one of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) established by all countries, members of United Nation therefore the government of Indonesia really emphasize department of Education to complete and accelerate this goal for all society to achieve education and to increase its standard because education is dynamical thing, it won’t stop but it will change and renew more and more.

Because of that to face the educational challenge La Tansa through many ways to increase and improve education standard for the students. One of them is providing financial for some teacher to continue their education to higher level, in this case master degree (postgraduate) concerning Technology of Education in University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, Serang Banten (UNTIRTA) so that they will able to maintain more effort to improve students of La Tansa’s skill and education in every major.

Upon completion of at least two years research and course work as postgraduate students (La Tansa’s teacher), and as candidate they must demonstrate truthful and original contribution to their specific field of knowledge in this case Technology of Education with a frame of academic excellence. They also have to present their work in a thesis prepared under supervision of a tutor or director and reviewed by committee.

But after hard struggling with their thesis, finally they could achieve master degree with various result and inaugurated as master majoring in Technology of Education (M.Pd) on Saturday, April 13 2013 C in Royal Krakatau Hotel, Cilegon, Banten.

Finally, it really grateful for all teachers mentioned here whose already finish their master:

1. Mr. Ahmad Syihabuddin, S. Ag., M. Pd.

2. Mr. Suyanto, S. E., M. Pd.

3. Mr. M. Rosyidi, S. Ag., M. Pd.

4. Mr. Nurbany Yusuf, S. Pd. I, M. Pd.

5. Mr. H. Tamrin Hafidh N, S. Ag., M. Pd.

6. Mr. H. Syahroni Murdani, S. Ag., M. Pd.

7. Mr. Abdurrazak, S. Pd. I, M. Pd.

8. Mr. Yusuf Ardiansyah, S. E., M. Pd.

9. Mr. Bahruddin, SE, M. Pd.

10. Mr. Ahmad Basyuni, S. Pd. I, M. Pd.

11. Mr. Syafruddin, S. Ag, M. Pd.

12. Mr. M. Agus Enom, S. Ag., M. Pd.

13. Mr. Aang Fitriadi, S. E., M. Pd.

14. Mr. Achmad Fahrudin, S. Pd. I, M. Pd.

15. Mr. Abdurahim, S. E., M. Pd.

16. Mr. Cecep Suryadinata, M. Pd.

17. Mrs. Mia Umyati, S. E., M. Pd.



Reporter: Fijaratul Akbar

Sekretariat Pesantren La Tansa

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